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Lining up for a meal

Good morning oyate and friends,
One day there was a young man and a young girl who were put here by the Great Spirit for a very special reason. When they were young they had a tough life but also happiness. As they grew up they went through more struggles but so did the people all around them. After going through the same struggles of their people they stood up, and wanted to do something to help the people.


The people ridiculed them and some were encouraging them too. No matter what, the two continued on and the oyate was proud of them. Every now and then they fell off the red road too but they would get back up and do what the Great Spirit put them here for. When they reached a certain point in life they questioned their very own purpose. Through prayer that purpose was re-enforced and they continued on to help more of their people. 


Towards the end of a very long trail of helping the oyate somehow the view ahead looked lonely and sad, and the move forward seemed to stall. Though they walked separate paths the man and woman stopped and the feeling that they could do no more for the oyate came over them. They felt as if there was more to do but they could do no more. The man and woman were ready to call it quits and they were tired out. It was that part of the trail in life where they would have to either call it or keep going but they both were tired. Their feet both hurt so bad from carrying the oyate.



Then something very special happened, as they turned around and were going to give up they saw all the people they had helped throughout their lives standing behind them. There were many, many, many, the children, the handicapped, and the elderly. There were drug addicts, alcoholics, people who were suicidal whom they helped. There were even some veterans with PTSD that were helped. The man and woman looked at everyone standing behind them and noticed they were all smiling at the two who were ready to give up. The sun came out and light hit the faces of many people all smiling and happy. Slowly the man's and woman's feet stopped hurting and started to feel better. The man looking back started to feel like he didn't want to quit after all and so did the woman. They looked back to the road ahead and it didn't seem so tough. They looked back at all those they helped and saw all the smiles. The children smiling brought tears to their eyes, but they were tears of happiness cause they were alive and happy.


Crazy Horse Ride

Then the man and woman looked at each other and in that look they both knew they must continue on. They looked at both directions in life, forward and backward. They noticed there were more people smiling and behind them than there were sad in front of them. Then the man and woman looked at each other in amazement. They were both smiling too and when they looked at their tired feet that didn't hurt anymore they noticed they were off the ground, elevated by the smiles of the people.      

                         Photo by William Ing

This man and woman is all of you, so continue on like soldiers! Let’s all help someone today. Have a Great day Oglala Nation and friends all over the world!!! Together we are one, We are all related.
From Bamm to all of you my brothers and sisters, of this beautiful place I call home, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Home of the Great Lakota Nation!

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