These families and elders are currently looking for sponsors:


Twins, new to the teenage years, would greatly appreciate having a sponsor. Their Grandmother, who has raised them, hopes that their sponsor will enjoy exchanging letters with them and becoming friends. They girls enjoy playing basketball, reading mystery books, and attending school. Family 140-02-1218-01


Grandmother is hoping that her grandson, age 8, will find a special sponsor. He is on the quiet side, a deep thinker. He enjoys drawing, coloring, and playing with dinosaurs to mention a few of his interests. His Grandmother hopes that his sponsor will enjoy exchanging letters him and eventually becoming friends. Family # 140-02-1218-02


Mother hopes for sponsors for her two sons. Son age 13 is all about sports. He enjoys playing basketball and football, skateboarding and riding horse. He hopes to be in the rodeo some day. He also enjoys reading, playing board games and drawing. His favorite subject in school is science. Son age 7 is all about being outdoors. He loves adventures, playing outside, playing ball with his brother, riding his scooter board. He also enjoys reading, drawing, and loves going to school.  Family # 140-02-1218-03


Elder, raising precious grandchildren, would greatly appreciate having a sponsor. She looks forward to having a friend to share conversation or correspond with. One of her interests is quilting which she does to supplement her very minimal income. Family #  140-02-1218-04


Big brother has a special sponsor and this little lady, age 7, hopes to have a special sponsor, too. Some of her interests include playing outdoors with family and friends, playing basketball. She also enjoys coloring, playing with her dolls and going to schools. Family #  140-02-1218-05


Mother of three lovely little girls has hopes for sponsors for them. Daughter age 5 is outgoing, likes going to school, very interactive with people, enjoys writing, coloring, drawing, and riding her bike. Daughter age 2 likes to be read to and looking at picture books, runs around, rides her bike, likes water, is adventurous and a quick learner. Daughter age 1 is active, outgoing, loves to play outdoors, going for walks, riding her bike and loves to run.  Family # 140-07-1218-01


Two creative teens. Their Mom would like them to have the positive experience of sponsorship. Daughter age 14 enjoys writing poetry and letters, listening to music, and applying makeup. Son age 15 enjoys drawing and writing, playing basketball and football. Family # 140-02-1218-06


A forty nine year old grandmother would love for one of her grandchildren, ages 2 to 7 to have a sponsor. She is unable to provide what they need and it would be an enormous help if someone could help by sponsoring even one of the children. This grandmother does have limited Facebook access which may work well with someone overseas. Family # 147-16-1218-01


A young mother who has three children would love to have a sponsor for each of them. She has an 11 year old son, a 9 year daughter and a 3 year old little girl and realizes that her children may all have different sponsors. She is a very caring mother and worries that the children don't have adequate clothing or presents for the important occasions in their life. Family # 147-16-1218-02


A mother of 3 children, who for the past year has been struggling with cancer and recently lost her job could very much use a sponsor to help her through these hard times.  Family #150-12-1218-01


A single woman (49) raising not only her young children, but her grandchildren as well. There are 10 children ranging in age from 1-16 years old. She does the best that she can but most times the children do not have adequate clothing or food. A sponsor(s) would be a blessing to this family!  Family # 150-12-1218-02


This elder is raising her 10 year old grandson on very little income. He is the light of her life and she often goes without to make sure he has food and clothing. He loves music and is currently learning to play the flute. A sponsor for this little family would be a blessing! Family #  150-12-1218-03


If you are able to sponsor a child, an elder or a family and would like to have more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and tell us the number of the person in question which you find at the end of every story.

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